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Sprites and textures extracted from id mobile games (now Wolfenstein RPG Brew resources)

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Im have similar question


Did possible maps from OE2 BREW reconvert and run under O&E1 DS? It's be very cool... So sadly, that D2RPG and WRPG have iOS versions with better quality, but Orcs and Elves not :( 

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This migh have been answered before but sprites aside, were sounds and music extracted too?

I remember watching a playthrough from MetroidJunkie of the iOS version of D2RPG where some sounds seem like the ones you'd hear in MetaDoom, so i wonder if that was the source.

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@whatup876 sounds and music have also been extracted along with the sprites for Orcs and Elves 1 and 2 for Brew and DS. I think Doom2 RPG too.

The sounds present on IOS Doom2 RPG and Wolfenstein RPG are available on the game files by default. 

I have never played MetaDoom to be honest but I think the source for its sounds is the game files they might have. Not by the graphics extraction. 

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On 6/1/2020 at 3:42 AM, kraze said:

Is it possible to make a packer for the resources? Mostly interested for Orcs and Elves, because the font and hud are too small; And for Doom II RPG because the status bar does not stretch.

Hi, so I assume that packing back the unpacked resources is not possible? its a pity...

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