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Berserk.wad (A map i made)

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This is the second map i ever finished, and it's pretty straight forward, no gimmicks, no special features, just go and kill demons.

As for the technical stuff, it's a Doom 2 map, it should be vanilla compatible, all tho i haven't tested it with vanilla Doom. 

I replaced D_RUNNING with a custom song, which can be downloaded here: http://ichigos.com/sheets/492, full credit goes to the author. 

Any feedback is appreciated. EDIT: My dumbass forgot the link so here it is: https://www.dropbox.com/s/fzedssk6rxyyild/Berserk.wad?dl=0

gzdoom 2018-07-08 21-07-33-530.jpg

gzdoom 2018-07-08 21-08-15-684.jpg

gzdoom 2018-07-08 21-08-36-727.jpg

gzdoom 2018-07-08 21-08-49-584.jpg

gzdoom 2018-07-08 21-09-05-988.jpg

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Here's a video of me playing the map.


Some comments:

- Nice, consistent theme (I especially liked the trees on the high ledges)

- Very low detailing towards the end (plain, green brick rooms)

- Cybbie fight very easy, but presumably only because I found the blue skull to get the plasma

- Some unpegged door tracks and minor textures misalignment

- Very fair ammo/health balance

- I would expect a berserk powerup, judging by the map name :) There are some pinkies and cacos and sould when it would be pleasure to do some punching. Or chainsawing :)


Overall, very good job!



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3 hours ago, ScreechingBoner said:

Gonna go fetch my grasses and play this one. It's always nice to see some Berserk content.

Fun fact, the first thing i designed on this map was the brand of sacrifice. Kinda sucks that i don't know how to properly mod, i would have totally included stuff like the dragon slayer and the arm cannon. 

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