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How to watch demos?

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I've received a demo from someone who played my map, but I'm not sure how to view it. What kind of ports/commands do I need to watch it?

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Step 1: Create a shortcut of the port you're planning to play the demo on.


Step 2: Open the properties menu of the shortcut, go to the target line, and type -playdemo [demoname].lmp (You may also need to -file the wads that the demo needs. Ex: -file textures.wad -file levelpak.wad)


Step 3: Witness doom loading up and playing the demo.

This is my way of playing demos, feel free to follow other instructions if this doesn't seem to fit for you.

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You can also drag the wad and the demo lump to the source port executable, works for PrBoom+ and i assume it works for other ports

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