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Lord FlatHead

Charles Hollemeersch interview

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But seriously, I will assume you have seen the Tenebrae map Willi Hammes is working on http://www.3dluvr.com/willi/main/gamestuff/maps/maps.html

I must say, it looks very next gen to me. Also the fact that Charles put his quake source on sourceforge can make this Tenebrae thing become a nice open source next gen engine. I think the graphics part is as state of the art as it gets. If somebody can put in some nice animations and AI then the possibility excists (probility 0.6) that opensourcing the quake code could mean some serious competition for the commercial engine coders. I dont't think that it will impact the industry like Linux did on the OS market, but hey it could backfire on Id. The mod en map community is big enough to supply enough content to a opensource FPS engine.

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Holy shit, I can't believe Willi Hammes is doing a map for Tenabrae, he's an awesome 3d artist.
Go to his front page and check out stills/animations, that guy got skills.

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