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A person

A demo map made by a newbie

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About last year, as many (three) people know, I created a mini-wad consisting of 2 maps, both of which were of questionable quality, so I have come back and created a single map that replaces MAP01, the map and the music are separate files because if I put them both into a WAD and/or PK3 it started on the normal MAP01, any suggestions on why that may be are appreciated. Any feedback would be nice, I learned a lot of things since the last map set I did, and I hope this is a lot better than last time, have fun!


I highly recommend turning auto-run off as well as setting brightness to default for the best experience.


Apply force onto your left mouse button on the links below:




Screenshots below:












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15 hours ago, A person said:

Nothing, I'm just first, on my own post (Forever alone face)


You also waited less than 1 hour before first posting. It's not like you waited a week with no response.


Just looking at the screenshots, they look OK. It looks like you've improved. I haven't had a chance to play the level, but these are my thoughts from what you've shown.

  • I notice that there are places where you have two floor textures that are different that are on the same level. That can work, but can also look odd.
  • Some of the doors are clearly rather thick. I don't have an issue with that, but there are people here who don't like that sort of thing.
  • The higher light level directly over the little exit chamber thing looks a little strange on the ceiling like that.
  • A blood ceiling? I wonder how that works in with the rest of the level, which seems like a relatively standard techbase.
  • I like the look of the corridor with the sergeant in it.
  • This is personal preference, but I like my doors to be inset slightly into a wall (except for secret doors), even when they're the same height as the surrounding room. (I'm referring to the first screenshot). Like I said, this is personal preference.

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I gave this a quick (And I do mean quick) blast through the entire map. Shows potential!


A few good points:

+ Nice combo of flashing lights and sector colouring. Quite atmospheric.

+ Some rooms are very well designed

+ Simplistic. No over-detailing.


But... there's too many issues... sorry...

- Quite a lot of textures don't blend together well. In some spots, I wondered if you accidentally forgot to change the texture (especially around some of the doors).

- The walls near the door move with the door. To prevent this, set the side walls to "Lower Un-pegged"

- Pointless enemy spam. Specifically spamming of former humans. They die in 2-3 bullets... not very threatening.

- Some sections of the map (noticeably where the exit is) you forgot to change the height of some of the floors/ceilings


Overall you've got quite some skill inside you! Don't be deterred from mapping. It took me YEARS to make good maps and I STILL make big mistakes to this day :)


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I understand that there is a lot of issues, I always thought that un-pegging the doors, not the sides, was how you fixed the moving textures :P I did get a little lazy with door texturing and it's not supposed to be a challenging map, like I said in the OP it replaces MAP01, which is supposed to just introduce you to the game mechanics, it's not supposed to be an impossible nightmare of a level. I mainly texture based on my personal preference, I think up of a little mini-story inside of my head but after I post it I realize that no one knows what that story is. But thank you for your feed-back, I learn a ton just from the comments section on forums.

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