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MuddyFunster's Midi Repository

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Hey guys, just thought I'd drop this pack of midis off here, since I couldn't think of a better or more deserving place.

Most of these were done for a fantasy shooter project for Duke 3D that fragmented and I couldn't keep up with it. There's a load of random ones I just did for my own enjoyment too. Amateurishly done (to the best of my abilities, mind!), the volumes are all over the place, but I'm proud of some of the compositions. Some have appeared in a couple of music packs for Doom over the years, a few mobile games too. A lot of them are in the proggy, rock-ish vein, a few probably won't find much use as they're very mellow or whimsical (keeping in the fantasy vibe of the aforementioned project). I like the classical, flowing, moody ones like "Mara Sanguinis" myself.

Everybody has my full permission to take, use, modify, improve upon, whatever. Don't mind about the credit, but I'd love to see how they're used. Included a folder of unfinished tracks I just don't have the time for these days. If anybody wishes to tinker with those, make them their own, that's fine too.

I know there are a lot better midi composers here, but I do hope this is useful to somebody.

Muddy's Midi Funtimes.zip

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