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Slyde - can't test the map due to errors...

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You need to fix these lines to play this map.


Line 50 has no front sector

Linedef 48 does not have a front side.

The following lines do not have a front sidef: 48


My map is fairly simple, and I really like to work with Slyde. How do I fix these issues using Slyde?

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You better use gzdoom builder bugfix or doom builder x programs for mapping(as they have node builders integrated and other benefits) and leave slade as texture, midi and other things import/fix tool. 

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I appreciate your input! I really liked Slyde, is there no way around to continue using Slyde and remove those errors?
Really, I just spent an hour creating something and it does not work...

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Well, as person who started mapping with slade, I really recommend to try those mapping programs, because slade as mapping tool is quite limited. Otherwise, you need draw additional linedefs around mentioned lines and sectors. Also, maybe post map plan to see how much you done?  

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