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Eternal Doom = Doom Eternal?

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I swear their plan must be to sabotage search results. First Doom vs Doom and now Doom Eternal vs Eternal Doom. Is it that hard to pick a unique name?

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<Marty> what should we call the new Doom?

<Hugo> hmm we should avoid any existing community mod names...

<Marty> let's get a list of them then *looks at DoomWiki*

<Hugo> How many are there?

<Marty> About 5000...

<Hugo> Yeah fuck that.



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Before E3, my friends were quite confident it would be called Doom Resurrection, even after I told them it was already the name of a spinoff game. And Compendium has only recently brought the fact that it was also a PWAD to my attention.

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At least it's not going to be called Doom 2. That would just be needlessly confusing. The name they did choose was similar to the name of a late 90's mod. It's no big deal, really and they probably didn't even know Eternal Doom existed.

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4 hours ago, DynamiteKaitorn said:

Call it what it is. DooM 5.

Doom 3 = Doom 1

Doom 4 = Doom 1

Doom 5 = Doom 2


There's a reason they abandoned numbered releases.

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