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The Music of REKKR

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Posted (edited)

While most of the technicalities go over my non-musician head, this is fascinating stuff! Your music for REKKR is somewhat more subdued than we often expect from Doom projects, but the way you've researched Scandinavian folk music and instruments is evident throughout and its a perfect fit for the visuals and gameplay. It's a big part of what makes REKKR so compelling.

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I haven't played through Rekkr yet, but I am planning on do so very soon. Once this is done I will check out your post again. Just take note, that I do acknowledge your work that went into this post (and the music of course).

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Do you have actual titles for the songs? Based on your Youtube videos they're just identified as "track XY". Some nice titles would look better in the eventual wiki articles than "ExMy is the yth map of the xth episode of REKKR and it uses the music track "track zz". ;)

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