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pacdoom.wad - Another unserious WAD

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Posted (edited)

In a parallel universe, Steve Lisburger some how mistaken Pac-Man for TRON when directing the TRON movie. That movie was also made during the 90s. This is that movie. Or something. Not starring the Rock.


A vanilla Doom 2 WAD where you play Pac-Man as Doomguy, with the monsters replacing the ghosts, armor bonuses replacing the pellets, and berserk packs replacing the bigger pellets.


New version:




Similar to mcdoomalds, this only replaces MAP01. It has difficulty variations, coop (4 starts) and DM support (9 starts and extra weapons!)




Easy - Four lumbering Cacodemons for your standard Pac-Doom experience.




Medium - Four Cacodemons, with about a ton of lost souls mixed in.



Hard - Revenants and Archviles?! At least the pellets make you invincible. There's also a little something extra, but that's for you to find.






p.s. - has same layout as original Pac-Man

Edited by Garbage : updated the map, k?

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PacDoom-HNTR-AC - max in 2:22

PacDoom-HMP-AC - max in 2:20

PacDoom-UV-AC - max in 1:49

Recorded in PRBoom+, complevel 2


I had some fun with this. I like a good Tyson map. The first one took longest because I didn't realize the switch would lower the maze, not exit the map.

If you were to make a serious map kind of like this, I'd probably love it.

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Fixed some stuff not spawning correctly (revs in HMP, no armor, etc.)

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That's a big jump in difficulty from HMP to UV. Cacodemons & lost souls to archviles & revenants? Wow.

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Changed UV to 5 Archviles and megaspheres, should give a challenge without being impossible/spammy

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I posted a video in this thread. I did not have the newest version, unfortunately.


The video is also embedded below.




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