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How to use 3D models/voxels?


I made a PK3 file with folder inside called 'voxels'. I have a file .KV6, how do I use with SLADE/gzDoomBuilder?
I've seen the wiki page at zdoom, but I do not really understand it. It seems like it's written for someone who has been doing mods for years! And I'm just a beginner ;)

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First you have to convert it to .kvx format, import it to SLAB6 and move the pivot point (bottom left of SLAB6 window) to the bottom of your voxel using the arrow keys and save it as a .kvx, then you can import it to your .pk3, make sure to create a directory in your .pk3 first, name it "voxels" and place your voxel file there, name it after the sprite you wish to apply the voxel for (eg: AMMO for AMMOA0).


Then create an entry in your main .pk3 directory and name it VOXELDEF, select it and click "view as text" and define your voxel there, for a basic voxel (no Rotation or Scale) it should look like this:




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