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[McD] James

Who is your favourite as well as least favourite Castlevania character?

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Favourite: Persephone


I have a lot of respect for Persephone. She's humble and polite and displays nothing but class. She also has a really cool skull vacuum that can either drain health or be used to suck-up someone's clothing. She really deserves her own game/s, but I can't see Konami ever doing anything that sensible. 


Least favourite: Hector


Hector is a no good jerk. Hector is a bitter, naive twat who (as with several other Castlevania protagonists) is overly trusting towards obvious villains, and incredulous when around people who are only trying to help him. He also has an intermittent look of confusion and disgust that makes me think of Tucker Carlson. And yes, I just compared Hector to a Fox News anchor. 

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Favorite: Simon. They made a whole series around this dude.


Least favorite: Dracula. I keep killing him and he keeps coming back. I've killed him so many times in so many games that people don't even acknowledge when a new CastleVanias were released so Konami went into gambling machines.

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Favorite: Julius. A true "veteran" who never got a (canonical) game of his own, the best part of Julius is that he factors so heavily into the "bad" endings of the Sorrow games - and in Dawn, the bad ending is effectively its own remixed game. Sure, we know next to nothing about him as a person (besides him being a Belmont, and being irritatingly protective)...and we never did get that "war of 1999" game...but one can't deny, a Belmont with facial hair (and a kickin' trench coat) is pretty awesome.


Least Favorite: Brauner. He's a cool boss fight, but he's totally wasted potential, because no sooner do you meet him, than he's unceremoniously booted out of the storyline in favor of Dracula, as if to say, "Fie to this pretender, there is room for only one Lord of the Night in this series!" 


Not to mention his two daughters aren't even his, making him even less relevant to the proceedings.


(edit: weasel lives up to his member title yet again)

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I like Soma and how they handled his character arc in Aria, especially with Julius. It also helps that Aria is one of the best CV games ever made (dat soul system). Close contender would be Simon Belmont, because SCIV is such a badass game and Simon is a badass too. Nathan Graves is cool too, and underrated. CotM is a damn fine CV game. It's a little dark and hard to see on real hardware, but it's got awesome music (the basslines are incredible) and it is actually really challenging. I feel like Aria is a cakewalk, just like SotN. Another would be Eric Lecarde and his awesome spear. Bloodlines is amazing too!


My least favorite character has to be Death. He's cool, but he's also pretty goddamn hard in SCIV. Pretty much every encounter with him in any CV game is annoying. He also takes Alucard's weapons away. What a dick. Second, John Morris. Just a rip off of the Belmonts.

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Favorite: A tie between Simon and Kid Dracula from those two spinoff games. Simon because I feel a stronger connection with him than anyone else I'm playing as, although Doomguy may be a close second. Whenever I'm playing as Simon, it's like "that's me, I'm the guy on the screen turning all those monsters to dust". it might have something to do with Simon being my real name? With Kid Dracula I just kind of appreciate him existing as a symbol or silliness, kind of like the Pumpkin in the PS2 games. Because as Lords of Shadow demonstrated, Castlevania should never take itself too seriously. Even the much much darker Netflix series got plenty of levity out of the dry wit of its three (so far) protagonists. Going back to Kid Dracula, I also like how his signature weapon's an umbrella, which is the perfect counter to the Belmont family's most devastating attack. It's ludicrously powerful in the Parodius series too.


Least favorite: Death, for reasons already stated. Sometimes I wish he'd just go back to playing chess.

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