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Someone knows the commands to appear the DeadForeTold runes again

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i presume u mean "death foretold" mod?


in that case, you can use "give" console command 2 give you the rune you want


in console, type "give" (without quotation mark) and then the name of the rune you want:


quad damage rune : d4quaddamage


regen rune: d4regeneration


haste rune: d4haste


berserk: d4dberserk


(yes berserk actor name does have an extra "d" after "4")


also, if you type this:


bind [KEY] "give [RUNE NAME]"


knto console you can activate rune any time you want by pressing [KEY] ([KEY] is the button you want set to activate rune)


remember that double quotes around the input command are necessary for this to work anyway hello



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I'd advise you to not create the same topic twice, especially considering that the first one was posted a single hour before this one. Answers may take a while to arrive, so please be patient.

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