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It's Doom In My Pants!

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Yes folks, everyone's favorite Doom Radio recording smoking guy, Sgt Crispy has uploaded a brand spanking new episode (the 5th one for those keeping count) of Doom Radio. This one weighs in at a hefty 18MB so, uh, well you know the drill by now I suppose. Also Sgt Crispy informs me that Tripod killed his site (those jerk stores!) so he's hopped over to Geocities for the time being until he can get some better hosting. Anywho, enjoy the episode and stuff.

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crispy, I dunno if you got my msgs but like 10 minutes before I left for wellington my power cut out for like 10 seconds (in the middle of the fucking day) so I didn't get it uploaded. I'll upload it on monday. I'm typing this from my friend's computer.

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Hey dudes?

Whats your problem with 18 mb?
Aprox 5 minutes for me ^_^
Ok, if you host on lousy servers like geocities then your lost...
But when we germans pay 5 Euro per Month for 20 MB or 10 Euro for 100 MB without bandwith limitations you americans should get THIS for free ;)

Till then says
your DooMing Werelion

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