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GZDoom Builder doesn't work after updating

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Last night I wanted to update GZDB into the newest bugfix version, but once I did, this error popped up while opening it:


When I try to open any map, I'm welcomed by a black screen, and I'm not able to do anything.


Deleting these files didn't help.

The problem is the same in every bugfix version I downloaded, and even in a non-bugfix version (the same I had before too!)

Trying to update from an older GZDB version didn't work.



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How did you update? "Updating" to bugfix version is as simple as downloading it and extracting everything to its own folder, not the same as the old version. If you overwrote the old files with bugfix versions, that could be a problem.


I would suggest to uninstall GZDB and bugfix and then start fresh with only bugfix.

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As always with dll, make sure you're not mixing a 32-bit and a 64-bit install.

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Yeah, I think the problem was exactly that I downloaded the bugfix version and overwritten the old folder with new files, and that's why it didn't work.

But the problem right now is that no matter how many times I delete the entire folder, and unpack all of the files from a different version, into a different folder, nothing ever changes.

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Problem is solved, I talked to the GZDB developer and he changed some files for me to make it work. Apparently it was ''a case of my OS being way too paranoid about executables from the internet''.


This thread may be closed now.


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