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3DGE Splitscreen Help (controls)

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I downloaded the latest 3DGE from DRDTeam today out of curiousity to check out the Duke in Doom mod and couldn't help but notice that the splitscreen appears to be playable. However, I can't seem to figure out how to configure player 2's controls. Also, setting up my PS4 controller leads to the axis's controlling both players. Is there a way to have one player be KB/M and the other be the joypad?

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@BlackFish The way it is set up now is to have player 1 always use the mouse/keyboard, and player 2 always use the gamepad (or maybe it is reverse, I can't remember offhand). Make sure the joystick has nothing assigned to it for player 1 (the default, normal set of controls). By default, starting a game should have player1 use the keyboard/mouse, and the other should use the joystick automatically. I have tested this (and played through CJ's Batman Doom fixup) with my brother the whole way through with this method a few months ago for EDGE, and it all worked flawlessly. I think I even have a video we recorded of us romping through it that I don't think I ever got around to uploading. . .


EDIT: It appears that something else broke this from the time it was working until now (maybe someone merged or overwrote something, not sure what happened). I'll work on it ASAP (thank goodness for Github). . . sorry about that! 

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