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Hey folks, I don't normally post these kinds of threads but I'm at a total loss here.  I came across Don't Play With Hell Black Edition on ModDB and I thought I'd give it a try.


I'm stuck near the beginning!  I picked up the red key and I've reached the broken airlock but I can't open it.  I presumed I was to use a spacesuit or the oxygen tanks but 'using' these things doesn't do anything.  


I'm just using the standalone version 1.3 as found on ModDB.


Any pointers would be great!

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Maybe you have found it by now, but I looked into it anyway.


1) Find the curved hallway that can be accessed via the room with the yellow door. Climb into the vents.



2) Continue straight through the vents until you reach the other side. When you have passed the corresponding curved corridor on that side (this part of the map seems to be symmetrical), and reach the straight corridor with the same type of vegetation as the curved one, you will find this hidden passage in the far end corner.



From here you just continue on until you reach the generator room where the airlock can be activated.


Hope that helps, cheers!

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2 hours ago, Average said:

Ah!  Thanks for that. :)


Thank you. I didn't know about this mod before this. It melts my computer now during the summer, but it will be fun to play when it gets cooler...

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On 7/18/2018 at 12:51 AM, Korozive said:

Do you have a link to this wad?


Apologies.  I didn't see this post until just now.


Thanks ate0ate. :)

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