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i need a 16-bit emulator for WinXP

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anyone know where i can find one? i'd love to play DOS games again, especially a certain rare one i recently rediscovered.

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Microsoft isn't cool enough to make one, and no one else has had the balls to make one. I bet it'd also be possible to make a good linux based DOS emulator (and I mean one that runs DOS games like DOOM with sound and shit.)

Suggestion: A Win98 (or Win95 or even dos 6.22)/ WinXP double-boot setup. Cant take up more than 300-400 MB. I'd die if for some reason I were forced to install WinXP and couldn't run doom2.

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sorry but DOS is not in winXP. that means many programs will not run, or run correct if they have any code that uses DOS. if u get anygames to work count on only 8-bit sound.

either downgrad or do this.
make a small partition on the hard drive 550Mb and higer( depends on size)
you can install a older version of windows, but if u want to only play old games put DOS on. add basic cd-rom drivers and soundcard stuff(if u can find DOS drivers for your sound card)

put all the DOS stuff on there and make a DOS boot disk. boot to DOS with the disk. DOS will only see the partition u made, not the winXP part. now u got a way to play the older games. hey and before u do this u had better know how to really use DOS

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