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Anyone interested in making maps for a Doom clone?

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Hi everyone,


As I mentioned earlier I've been using Doom Builder to brush up on my mapping skills for a Doom clone I'm working on.


I feel like I'm coming along nicely, but I got to say I'm blown away by how good some of your maps are.


So, it's probably a ways out but would anyone be interested in making maps for my game?


It's being made in Unity and I will provide all the assets. You'd just need to use Pro Builder (very easy to learn) to make the level and drag and drop the items (such as enemies, weapons, ammo, health, doors, elevators, and so on) onto the map.


I would do a pass on the maps to make sure they fit together well and edit them as needed, but the bulk of it would stay true to your creations.


As far as compensation goes this would be more of a passion project and I wouldn't count on it as a surefire way to make money, but I would of course give compensation if it did make money.


I think what would be fair is to take the net gross, and divide it by four. One part for the programming, one part for the art, one part for administration/promotion, and one part for the content. Then the levels would be divided by the percentage of the game it fills. So if the game has 40 levels (the same amount of levels as the original Doom) each level would be 1/40th of the content, or 1/160th the total revenue per level.


So if the game makes $1,000,000 profit each level would net $6,250.


That's a lot of big "ifs" though, so again, this would be more of a passion project.


Would anyone be interested?


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I had Unity in my pc and i was going to learn it but i've deleted it because it takes really too much memory and takes out some efficiency on my machine performance...

Also, I didn't even know what pro builder is, i've seen a little info on Google right now and looks cool...


Anyway, i'd liked this idea but I don't think I will return to Unity again... is just that takes too much space in my pc for almost nothing...


Also, can we have some pictures of your works just for seeing how this looks?

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Well, it's all primitives right now (I'm a coder, not an artist) so screen shots aren't going to do it justice.


Right now I'm working on a plasma rifle that has a BFG alt fire and I am very pleased with the results. Once I get that done and a couple basic enemies maybe I can throw together a demo level and everyone can see where I'm going with it.


I'll probably start with an enemy that chases you (Demon), an enemy that shoots raycast shots (Grunt), and an enemy that shoot rockets (Imp).


And as far as the weapons go I'm looking looking at 5 total. Four of them will be guns with an alt fire each and one will be a melee with an alt attack.


I spent a lot of time prototyping and found that this is a good number to not overwhelm players and cover a good range of tactical options.

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I imagine there are thousands of such projects out there, people prototyping Doom-inspired stuff in Unity. That doesn't mean it's a bad idea, but it does mean that you're gonna need to show a lot more than you have here to attract serious applicants. If I saw a well-thought-out design document and some concept art with vision, I'd think about it.

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Nah, screw that. No one wants to read a GDD.


I'm going to roll out a demo level.


And you are correct, there are thousands of projects out there. I'm well aware of the competition. I've been into game dev my whole life.


Doesn't matter, this is a passion project. I'm doing it for fun. Just looking to see if anyone here would be interested in joining me.


I mean, lots of people make Doom levels for fun with no intention of making money. I'm sure a few of those people would like to make levels in a new game.

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Why not just produce maps or map sets and release them to the community for free like the vast majority of us do?

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The question:

7 hours ago, Glaice said:

Why not just produce maps or map sets and release them to the community for free like the vast majority of us do?

You're being asked why you're building a Unity-engine FPS instead of modding for Doom directly.

You're also not being 100% on whether this is a commercial project or not, which is probably part of what has Glaice confused.

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I tried making a retro FPS with Unity and Probuilder, and honestly, it was better to just create it with a Doom source port (GZDoom for example) since it already did everything I wanted and it's far easier to implement new changes than it is in Unity.

You're going to spend a lot of time getting basic stuff working correctly in Unity, and unless there's something specific you want to do with Unity, GZDoom can do whatever Unity does (and if its multiplayer you want, you can go the Zandronum route, AFAIK it just needs a couple changes to make it commercial compatible)

You'll also get higher quality work in terms of maps from both a visual and gameplay perspective with Doom since everyone here already knows how to map, where learning Probuilder can be a bit of a pain (it was for me).

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3 hours ago, Aquila Chrysaetos said:

You're also not being 100% on whether this is a commercial project or not, which is probably part of what has Glaice confused.

I reread the third sentence, it says Unity and it is clearer since I didn't read the OP last night thoroughly before sleep.

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No problem.


To clarify, I've been into indy development since garage game was a thing and unity for a good seven years.


So saying that doing something in Doom is easier would not be the case for me.


Also, I think the term "clone" is hanging some people up.


I don't mean I'm going to remake Doom assets. I'm just going to borrow many of its mechanics and themes.


It will be an original IP. Well, original enough to not have any copyright strikes on it.


I feel like I'm losing everone.


Let me come back and post a proof of concept to showcase what I'm doing. Then if anyone is interested I'd be happy to provide tools to create content. Both for fun and for contribution if you are so inclined.


I'm currently 90% down with the character controller, a weapon, a pick up, and an enemy.


Once you get the first prefabs done, the others are much easier because a lot of code is reused.


Sound good?

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