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Unusual question about downloading wads

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Hello there


i cant describe correctly this but here it goes; somebody maybe asked this in the past

about how to download the entire idgames archive in one go not a problem for me i have a fast flat mobile connection (60 mb down) not a problem; is there a website or a repository with big map packs to get in one go (like a megawad only map pack for example) ? without to browse all the megawad files through idgames? thanks

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It's out of date presently, but I found links from March in this thread:


If you ask nicely someone may be willing to create an updated backup, but this has the vast majority of what you're looking for I think!

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Thanks ill check that out cheers


after a bit of browsing i found at doomwadstation the always uptodate idgames archive but the download manager seems doesnt find the links


i know the people behind the idgames archive wanted to keep it as old school as possible but we have torrents for this kind of stuff or storage lockers; but is a start anyways

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