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Door creation. Help!

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I have watched several tutorials about how to create doors(Slade), and they have helped zilch. The door opens when i test the level, but i cant walk through, and the texture disappeared, leaving me with that drunk/LSD hole in the wall. Any advice?

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Assuming Aquila's guide didn't help you, can you post two pictures?

  • A picture of the area in question in Slade (I assume that's the editor you're using)
  • A picture of what it looks like after you open the door in-game.

Since the door actually opens, you've clearly applied the DR tag to the linedef correctly. Does the door texture come back when the door closes?


It sounds like you're getting some kind of error. The only ones I can think of that sound like what you're describing would be:

Hall of Mirrors (HOM) effect, which would occur if you forgot to apply textures to linedefs--but HOM shouldn't actually stop you from progressing.

Moire error, which could occur, in theory, if your door opened up against a very tall sector (I mean, ridiculously tall, like you fat fingered the zero and added several numbers).

Medusa effect, which should slow the game down, but not prevent you from moving.


A picture would help with this.


The only other things that I can think of (and I'm not sure if either of these configurations would actually result in an operational door):

  • You added your door to the outer wall of a room. Outside of the space defined by the room is void space and all linedefs that exist against this void are single-sided and impassible. If you somehow put a door against one of these, and then deleted the texture from it, you would get HOM and not be able to pass through it.
  • You put your door sector between two rooms as you should, but then, somehow, the second side was deleted from the linedef defining the other side of the door. It's possible that if that happened on accident, then the middle texture may still be blank, in which case, you would get HOM on an impassible linedef.

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