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Apparently, the best death match map ever

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If you don't wanna read the big thing i posted, here's a quick briefing

Basically i found a wad claiming to be the best thing ever, when its just a boring map with 4 hallways and doors. Most likely a joke WAD, so theirs really no point for me to babble on about this but i just wanted to because i'm bored as hell.




Woo, I was searching through the ID Games Archive for cool DM wads, and I found this gem. https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/deathmatch/a-c/addicted

Apparently Its so good you'll be addicted for ages and its the only thing you'll ever need to play. Perfectly designed with no bugs or anything. Its so good, its called addicted cause you will be so entranced you wont stop playing it.


I played it sure is bad. TERRIBLY SO.


Its literally 2 super long hallways forming a plus, with rocket launchers, and some doors in the in the center so you can grab some weapons. Some hallways end with rooms that teleport you back into the hallway. Its so poorly designed.

I was more addicted to clicking quit than actually playing the WAD. 


Now, it could be fun with tons of people, its always fun filling a crappy map full of people and just laughing and having fun on it, so i put tons of bots in the game and to be honest, it was pretty fun due to how chaotic it was. 


I just love the way the creator describes the wad in the read me, here's a bit


 "For all you Bro-jeams out there who love to play
deathmatch with your best bud, this is the Deathmatch level 4-yo-ass. I'm not
kidding, and if you're the type of person who wants to get the best level
with the shortest download, this is it baby!!! It really is one of the
funnest frag'em levels you'll play. It's wierd design brings multiple deaths
and frags to your feet. The weapons are superbly placed, In other words,
there's enough ammo to blow up bum-fu**ed Egypt, or the partner you're tryin'
to tag! The textures were painstakingly chosen, so you don't get red-
hell-type walls with a cute green grass!!! Tim, the layout designer, and I
have spent hours after hours on this one level. Sure we have thousands of
levels but this one kicks big-donkey ass!!! The level took 11 days to build,
about 5 hours at a time. The reason is that because we played it for hours
at a time an decided from there what we wanted to add.
We spent 9 days alone tweeking it so there are no bugs. For you out there
that for some odd reason have a 9600 baud hookup durring modem play, don't
worry. Even though this level is about 80K, which isn't really that big,
There's no monsters so over your sorry-ass-connection the game still speeds
like a redneck late for a family reunion. Oh, yeah almost forgot..the real
size of this wad is 94kb (95,834 bytes), but it zips real small so don't be fooled!"


The entire level is basically brown lol, carefully chosen textures indeed.


This is most likely a Joke WAD, but still its fun looking at the stuff you can find. Have a download and play it with your buds lmao.

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