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Bloody Boots - Now Released!

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***UPDATE: Map has now been released, please see the new map link in this post***



Hi Everyone,


It's been a while since I last did any mapping. My last complete effort, Heavy Water, was released back in early 2016 and can be found here if you're interested.



I feel my latest map just needs some polishing and welcome any suggestions, opinions and critiques you may have. With your help it will be released in no time!


Map Info:

Single level, single player

IWAD: Doom2

Designed to be played with and was tested using prboom-plus2.5.1.4.

Difficulty is supposed to be hard, saying that I can complete it and I'm no Doom God.

Difficulty settings are not currently implemented.


Some screenshots below. Please let me know what you think!






Edited by lowpass30Hz

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I really liked the way the map opened itself up to reveal more enemies and the next path. I like the attention to lighting through shadows and some of the other details, like random blood trails.


The first wave of the imps teleporting onto a bloodfall was a little annoying because I was just waiting for them to come so I could kill them and carry on with my life.

The vile arrangement was kinda clever because the nooks and crannies of that little room were sufficient if you maneuvered well.


It was not too hard, but I still think the amount of health was rather unforgiving.

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I think that you made a pretty good map. It's very solid in terms of visuals. Nothing exceptional, but definitely good. You know how to use the default textures fairly well.


The combat is pretty simple, and not too hard, but not too easy either. All the traps were pretty standard, but you used them well enough. I think that now you should focus on learning how to make your encounters more unique and dynamic. Also I felt like the ammo balance was a bit weird. The shotgun had basically unlimited ammo, but I think that the combat would be way more fun if you gave some more rockets and cells at the end. It's really annoying to fight archviles and barons with just low tier weapons.

And yeah, giving the player a few more medkits wouldn't hurt.


Also you should fix these small misalignments:


Just unpeg the linedefs, or use shift+a in 3d mode.

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A few things to recommend:

1: Don't make the player rely on the chaingun/shotgun to take down barons and arch viles. There's a reason the BFG and the rocket launcher exists (speaking of the launcher I found ammo but never found the actual weapon). Yes, you did add a plasma rifle but with almost no warning something bigger is coming around, I accidentally wasted it on a few hell knights since I didn't want to stand there and shotgun them to death


2: Since this map is meant to be hard I'm guessing the excessive trap usage is just par for the course. The only one that gave me any issue was the one right here:


(Screenshot from second run through)


Update from second run:

Turns out you DID add the super shotgun and like the idiot I am I completely ignored the obvious switch.... just proves I'm never the king of videogames ._.



Overall a fantasic wad. I do highly recommend it. 9/10.

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So there is an SSG after all. Then I would definitely advise placing it in a more obvious location, so that no one misses it. The same thing with rocket launcher I guess, though I found that one.

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My blindrun demo in prboom+


Wintertowns fda.zip


I thought it was pretty fun to play. Nice flow and all. I personally like the lack of health, felt exciting.


Actually did not find the rumored SSG though... Bailed out on the last viles because I felt a lack of bigger artillery, so I agree that it probably needs a more obvious spot. I also felt it was a little bit too easy to just flee from traps and cover down monsters from behind a corner. Maybe somehow limit areas during the bigger fights?


Have you thought of maybe skipping the plasma completely and just add some more rockets? The map is really interesting to maneuver, that't fun with rockets. I feel like the plasma easily can become an easy way out of bad positioning when you don't have cybers or an excess of skeletons to take care of.

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The map is now released on DoomWorld. Please see the link in the main post.

Thank you to all of the play testers, especially @wintertowns who created a new music track for the map, great job!


@HAK3180 Thanks for your comments. I added another health pack and played about with the teleport trap to try and encourage the mobs to spawn in quicker (not sure that 100% worked though).


@Lorenz0 More unique encounters will come in the next map. I played around with the weapons and ammo, providing more rockets to balance the removal of the plasma gun. Thank you for your opinions and the texture alignment tip.

I think the misalignments are all fixed now, but there is always one more...  


@DynamiteKaitorn Thank you for your kind words, the shotgun has been relocated. You cant miss it now!


@wintertowns Thanks again for the music. I implemented your plasma/rocket idea because it did make sense.

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Great play-through's, 


@xvertigox Thanks for the funny review, sub'd. I agree with you about the pillars, it will be kept in mind for future maps. Shame you just missed out on the release version or you would have been using the SSG!


@mArt1And00m3r11339 I did enjoy watching you play through the level, sub'd!

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Just noticed...


In the Downloads (Beta) section of this site, there seems to have been a mix-up in the upload of my level. If you select Bloody Boots, you can see the file information, .wad and .txt are for someone else's wad. Seems to be fine in the /idgames database (legacy) section though.


Does anyone know who to contact to get this fixed?

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Thanks for sharing your play through. It's interesting to see how the map looks in HD and plays with custom weapons.

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