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Dokta Whawee

Map ending after player death?

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Yes and yes.

As for how, it depends on the map format.

Vanilla and Boom will require simple use of voodoo dolls (if you don't know what that is, check this nice link from the Doom Wiki: https://doomwiki.org/wiki/Voodoo_doll).

ZDoom (Hexen and UDMF, specifically) can use scripts that execute on death, like this:

script 1 DEATH
 Delay (35);
 Exit_Normal (0);

Note that the script will execute at any point that the player dies, but the voodoo doll death exits have to be triggered by a linedef special.

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Only one issue with that is if the player presses use before 35 tics it will restart the map or load the last save. A shorter duration would be better, more akin to the E1M8 death exit special without the damaging floor.


EDIT: An even better way might be to use a looping script to check for player health constantly and then break out of the loop at the very tic it reaches 0, then end the level. That method would be near unbreakable.

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Well, I tried the script that Aquila Chrysaetos suggested, but whenever I start the map, it says "No Player 1 Start", even though Player 1 Start is obviously there... What is going on?

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