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Slade texture import blues


Hi folks, so I'm making a map (Doom2 / UDMF / GZDB) and I'm using a few texture packs which i wanna import into my wad. The texture packs are: grasstex-zdoom.wad, jimmytex.wad, koultex.wad, nb_flats.wad, NB_RECOL.wad, nb_sil.wad, ultratex.wad, wallytex.wad.  They are all from the afterglow site, i think. Great textures. 


So i use Slade to import them into my wad but when i test it in GZDoom some textures are missing and some waterfall textures have different colours. Although some textures are fine too. I've tried many things and can't seem to get all the textures into my wad. Been searching the web and these forums but still no success. I've also tried "saving-into" my wad using GZDB and DB2 but that didn't work either : (

I've been following the main Slade wiki instructions for importing textures, can some one please tell me where I'm going wrong:


1. Upload my wad and also all the texture packs into Slade

2. Open one of the texture packs and copy all

3. paste into my wad at the last line of the wad

4. Rinse and repeat for the other texture packs then save your new wad. 


Sorry if this nooby problem has been solved before, I couldn't find it in the forums. 


I like designing and building maps but messing with the technical side of things like this always blows my fuse LOL


Thanks to anyone who helps. 



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If the textures use TEXTURE1/TEXTURE2/PNAMES lumps for their definitions, you'll also need to do the copy-paste stuff between the texture editors, not just the data lumps.


Also be wary that there may be name conflicts between the texture packs, especially for things where the vanilla engine has hardcoded limitations (that is to say, switches and animated textures). This may explain your differently colored waterfalls if you think you'll get the texture from pack A but you actually get the one from pack B.

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One thing you could do since you're working for an advanced engine is export all of the textures as PNGs, in their own folders, then create a single PK3 from them. As the textures can be in individual folders within the PK3 structure, you don't have to worry too much about texture name conflicts, etc. Doing it this way you needn't worry about potential palette issues, and PNGS are true colour.


I believe we have each other on Discord already,  if you get stuck send me a message or pm me here and I'll try to help you out. :)

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I would suggest to extract all textures you want as PNG, and make a new PK3 file with all textures in /textures/ folder.


Edit: I see other replies after I posted mine...

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