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Is it possible to scale my map?


Let's say I have finished making my map. Is it possible to simply select all and 'resize' it by 50%?

I could not find such option. It is possible to move vertices etc but then they all get messed up.


Or should I just remake my map and just place shorter lines?

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You can scale it in GZDB. Use sectors mode, highlight the whole map, press E and use the handles to resize the map. If you needed to half the floor and ceiling heights this can be done with math functions to add, subtract, multiply or divide the values in the floor height and ceiling height fields. Be careful when using multiply or divisions, you'll want to ensure your map has no negative height values first to ensure it goes smoothly.

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It did work, thanks! I have never seen that panel on the right side lol.

However even though I selected to adjust the height and ceiling (and tried to do it apart) it does affect the height of my sectors. What could I do wrong?

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I am honestly not too sure I'm afraid. Play about and see if you can work out a solution. Good luck! :)

Edited by Dragonfly : I hate typing on mobile phones. >_<

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