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Man of Doom

Why the lack of live-action Doom fan films?

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So with the new Doom movie coming out and that Uncharted fan film that was recently released (the one with Nathan Fillion and Stephen Lang), I've come to realize something:

Namely, that very few fan films of Doom exist, or at least, live-version films/web series.

In fact, I've just checked over on Doom Wiki, and the only real fan films to exist are usually animated movies, Flash recordings, or Machinimas. In fact, quite possibly one of the more ambitious web series was that Arenas series and that got next to no attention (or a second season, for that matter).


In fact, there was only a couple of live-action fan films I can recall, and those were usually made for next to nothing:



And these were made and released well before we had any idea that Doom 2016 was coming, let alone know have an idea of what it was going to look like before it was shown to the public at E3 2015.


You'd think that with the resurging popularity of Doom thanks to the likes of Doom 2016 and Doom Eternal that someone would be able to put together a fan film that would have more serious backing (even professional backing) behind it, even tell the kind of stories that haven't been previously explored yet (either something as routine as a raid on an infested UAC complex or something as Shakespearian as the Doomslayer's origin story). Hell, I've even seen several cosplayers pull off some really legit-looking Praetor suits on more than one occasion!

I know that the only Doom-related film with significant backing is the movie that everyone in the community knows about (Doom 2019), but in the event that it ends up falling into the same traps the 2005 movie did (which it most likely won't), a fan film probably shouldn't be out of the question.


I'm well aware that putting together a good/memorable fan film, especially for something like Doom, would require some serious budget to account for things like demon effects, costumes, and convincing locations. But perhaps with the right combination of good writing and passionate effort, anything is possible.


Still, something like this may never happen, but it was just something that entertained my thoughts.

What are your two cents on this phenomenon?

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Oh no...not fan films....Reminds me of all those Streets of Rage ones I somehow kept coming across when all I wanted were some mods for SORR.


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