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How can the Imp's fire ball go up and down.

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2 minutes ago, dragonhunter970 said:

The engine's limitations means your shots count no matter the height of the enemy.  So how does the imp do it.

I think it probably uses the same rules as your shots .

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Doom has a fully functional z-axis for certain things, but not for others.


IIRC, collision detection for solid Things (the player, monsters, decorations etc.) doesn't have one. Explosions doesn't either (rocket blasts are infinite height).


Everything else (the rendering of Things, the interaction of non-solid Things like fireballs) has a fully functional Z-Axis. That's why you can duck under fireballs.


So it's more like Doom is 2.9D: it is 3D for most things. 

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The Doom engine calculates the positions of actors ( players, monsters, proyectiles, decorations) in X, Y and Z axis. Actors have a specific height, not only enemy projectiles can move above or under you, your proyectiles can do the same. The fact that you can't make room over rooms without source ports has nothing to do with the behavior of monsters and projectiles.


The video "Doom wasn't 3D" has several misconceptions, one of the worst was assuming that Doom uses an advanced form of raycasting, a technique used to simulate 3D in 2D FPS' like Catacomb 3D series and Wolfenstein 3D in those games projectiles always move in the same height, the ceiling and floor are always at the same fixed height, and floating enemies like the Lost Soul are impossible because the game's environment is 2D.

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