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Major Arlene

Announcement: Near Death Experiences: A Community Project

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This sounds like an intriguing project. Given the subject matter, paging @Mk7_Centipede.

I don't have the requisite skill in UDMF, so I can't join. Best wishes to all the mappers on this project. I'm interested to see the final map set from this project.


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Said this on the Discord but I may as well say it here to make it official

I'm interested in this project, and though I would be fine being a playtester, I'd like to try my hand at making a map for this 8)
I'm just not sure what slot to file it under, however, so hopefully that won't pose as too much of an issue :/

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Cool idea! I’m down for a map. I’ve vaguely thought about doing some #deathpositivity maps before where the object is for the player to die rather than (necessarily) kill demons. Does that sound like a doable idea?

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