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Update gzdoom but keep old settings?

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So I've been playing Heretic lately with the latest GZDoom 3.4.1 which is great and works seamlessly with Steam overlay for screenshots, etc.


My Doom 2 folder has GZDoom 2.3.2 with a lot of tinkering. Would it be possible to "update" my Doom 2 folder but keep all my configurations intact? Maybe just keep the old config file with all my custom settings? But I'm not sure if that text file is different with the newest version and critical to overwrite.


Does that make sense? I am being a little lazy. I just love how I got all my settings for Doom and like it as is, but if the newest GZDoom works natively with Steam overlay that would be great to have for Doom.

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The name of GZDoom's config file is still the same as for old version. So most options will be kept. Of course those where something changed behind the scenes may have to be set again. But that would not be many. Things haven't changed that much.

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Cool, I should have looked at the archive again before asking haha... it really isn't that many files to overwrite. So I'll make some backups while keeping the old config and give it a shot.

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