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Custom Texture Use

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Mappers use custom textures to change the theme or atmosphere of their creation. Sometimes this can totally change the feel from the original game.


I'm interested in peoples opinions on this subject.


Which WAD used custom textures most effectively?

Have any otherwise good maps been ruined by their use?

Do you prefer to see how creatively the original textures can be used instead?

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There are so many good examples how custom stuff is used efficiently. For example, Valiant, Sunlust, Back to Saturn x and other more notable mapsets, total conversions...

I don't know about any custom mapsets which were ruined by external textures. I guess, I've never encoutered them or forgot quickly. If you want to see how vanilla textures used in creative way check out Brigandine,  Saturnine Chapel and The Given. 

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It's ultimately a good thing I rekon. It's just variety and they are needed for when a WAD needs to be convincing, stock textures just cannot do that all the time, they need the maps to look appropriate for what it is trying to be. Whether they stick to demon shooting or go in a completely different direction. Plus it would be boring to see the same patterns and colours in every WAD all the time, somebody who is creative who makes these things needs to make it their own and move beyond the stock textures and assets where they feel it is needed.

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When I use or make custom textures I always try to keep them close to Doom II's original texture set.

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