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McDoomalds 2: Burger Baron

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After clearing the McDonalds, your heart sinks as you rummage through the empty freezers and cabinets. The teleporter ambush just outside forces you to advance to the main road. Hours of scavenging old computer maps reveal that a Burger King still stands nearby. You arrive, but something is wrong. The monsters have brought their own reality with them, and the Burger King's technology is being subverted by their presence. With an even bigger army of demons in the way of your lesser than average meal, you ignore your rumbling stomach and prepare to bring on the pain!



A Doom 2 WAD centered around a Burger King, eradicate the demonic hordes surrounding the fast food restaurant and finally get that well deserved meal(?)




No jumping, but freelook and crouching is allowed. The WAD is mostly vanilla (main menu has custom stuff and map02 has a custom texture) but I went a little overboard with the visplanes, so play with any port that removes the limit.


Replaces MAP01 and MAP02, music is from Mission 2 of Double Dragon


UV and Nightmare have 1 extra zombieman, so omg get reddy!!!111!!


Play the original: 












Edited by Garbage : we all make mistakes

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Recorded a FDA, using PrBoom+ -complevel 2.


The Double Dragon music fits this map quite well, in my opinion.  I tried to use monster infighting to conserve ammo, though there is more than enough to get the job done, if you play it smart.  The funniest moment in the demo is when I briefly pick up an orbiting revenant rocket.


I ended up with 101% kills, 100% items, and 50% secrets (missed one somewhere.)


I hope this map and the previous one become part of a long-running series



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I meant to play this a lot sooner, but I've been a little swamped with things at the moment, but I still made some time.

Fun little map, I wasn't too into the music, so I changed it myself.

The access to the secret BFG coming around with the vile and the other monsters was appropriate.

I think you should make more serious maps, because you've got potential, but do make whatever you want.

No FDA this time, I played it in ZDoom32 while going through a couple wads I need to do.

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Cute and enjoyable map. The main arena/outdoor area had some sweet infighting and the restaurant had fun sector work. This and McDoomald's both have great, lighthearted vibes on them - very fun to play.




<3 the ketchup and mustard



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Yeah, this was enjoyable. Nice varied/colorful texturing (perhaps a bit messy but it works) and the health balance is appropriate for relaxed playing. I agree the music is very fitting.


Two complaints:

- very ugly misalignments in some spots, see this or this

- not enough plasma/rockets to kill the final horde quickly


My playthrough:



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