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Doom 2 downtown replacement

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Posted (edited)

(edit) i took some of your suggestions and added some more stuff to improve the level,


This replaces map 13 because I Liked the city levels but I didn't like map 13 so I replaced it

I tested it in gzdoom

I made it in doom format so it should work with other stuff but I've only tested it in gzdoom

no jumping or crouching but freelook is ok

It has map difficulties (different amount of monsters for difficulty levels)

I hope that if you download it you like it.


download link for improved version


download link for old version






Edited by himalayanapplebutter : added new version

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May I ask what didn't you like about Map13?

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The blood fountain in the middle of the downtown is an interesting touch. Although it is sort of nice to see the demons taking the time to try to spruce up the place a little bit. I'm sure the blood fountain will increase the property values in that area.


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Posted (edited)
On 7/22/2018 at 3:37 PM, himalayanapplebutter said:

This replaces map 13 because I Liked the city levels but I didn't like map 13 so I replaced it

I tested it in gzdoom

I made it in doom format so it should work with other stuff but I've only tested it in gzdoom

no jumping or crouching but freelook is ok

It has map difficulties


What are "map difficulties?"


Since you said "made in doom format" does that mean you were targeting vanilla compatibility? Or does it only mean you didn't use a Boom-specific or ZDoom-specific actions? I ask because it could still be limit-removing. By


Change your download link to dl=1 from dl=0. It currently just takes you to the Dropbox preview link, not the Dropbox download.


By the way, I looked at your map in Visplane Explorer and it doesn't look like it exceeds any of the static limits, so it's probably a safe bet that the level is vanilla compatible. I also tried it in Chocolate Doom, and it ran without crashing, so I think you're safe to call it vanilla, although you should probably test it with Chocolate Doom or Chocorenderlimits if you're going to call it vanilla compatible.


These are other things I noticed:

  • You have fewer enemies than in the original Map 13 (35 vs. 94 on HMP).
    • This doesn't necessarily indicate anything wrong. It's just the opposite direction that most people on Doomworld go when they say, "I didn't like a level, so I made my own."
      • Usually, the direction most seem to go is to say, "I didn't like that the original only had 94 enemies, so I made it 140 and replaced all the imps with archviles."
  • The level doesn't feel as big as the original, although it still has the same look as the original Downtown level.
    • Although your map doesn't have crates (that I found) or an arrow drawn into the ground (come on Sandy, what do you take us for?).
  • The walls of barrels to block the player are a bit irritating and force you to waste bullets you don't have, at least at the beginning.
    • I suppose you could run past the waiting arachnotron to get out of where you start, and perhaps that was your idea.
  • The cat-and-mouse with the arachnotrons was a nice touch.
  • The blue door has nothing to indicate that you need the blue key to open it until you get to it and try to open it without the blue key.
    • EDIT: There is a blue door trim, but it's difficult to see when you're right up against the structure. So, if you just scoot along the outside of the structure and up the stairs, you probably won't see the blue keycard trim.
    • The red door does have trim indicating to you that it is unlocked with the red key.
  • I do like the small overlook portion with the imps and the railing. That was nice looking area.

Overall, it's not a bad level.

Edited by Pegleg : The blue door does have blue keycard trim.

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I don't understand why people hated original Downtown. Like some other Sandy Petersen maps.

I suppose those people like straight-forwarded maps rather than adventurous-exploring maps.

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I like Downtown. Thought it was one of the best Sandy Peterson levels in Doom 2. 


But it doesn't hold a candle to Odyssey of Noises in Plutonia. 

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Posted (edited)

I played your map a little while ago.

As it stands, you seem to have fallen victim to a common "ZDoom-ism," which is an issue here because this map was constructed in vanilla/Boom format.

What I mean by "common ZDoom-ism" is the unlocked doors don't have the proper specials (D1/DR Door Open [Wait Close]) and aren't tagged, so they don't open in PRBoom and the map is incompletable as a result, unless the map is played in (G)ZDoom.

I pulled it up in the editor to see what format you used, then attempted a run in PRBoom, which is how I discovered this.

If you're going to map for a specific format (here vanilla or Boom), then you need to test in a port (Chocolate/Crispy for vanilla, PRBoom for Boom) that will run it as intended to make sure that it functions the way it should.

Don't take this as a Boom fanboy coming down on you for only testing in ZDoom (You did tell us what you tested it with, which is good), because I really like ZDoom, but it's best to test with the proper ports in addition to others to make sure it is properly compatible.


Now, about what some of the others may have said about detail: ignore that. Detail comes later, typically with experience, and it is not that important.

I came from the days when ultra-detail was more or less the deciding factor on a wad's success and I don't want you to fall into such a trap.

It's okay to add some small details like lights and border textures and things, but you shouldn't concern yourself with it much.


The gameplay is, while incredibly easy, quite solid. The monsters are sparse, and there aren't many monsters roaming the streets, but it's not so empty that the scattered encounters add nothing.

There's great infighting potential here, and the vile released at the end was a nice touch for a minor backtrack, which is very good.

I have a minor gripe about some of the imp cages being so high, because targeting them with autoaim and not freelook is annoying.

I felt the blue card could've had a more dangerous trap than just a few pinkies, but the vile that arrives outside somewhat curbs that by adding to it.

The location of the SSG wasn't immediately clear, so an early weapon such as a single shotgun or chaingun would've been nice to have.

I have to agree that the map is quite small, but it serves its purpose well enough in its confined space.

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