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Prevent palette change during Invulsphere pickup


What I'm trying to do is prevent the palette from changing to a painful white-and-grey whenever I pick up an invulsphere, and replaces it with an indicator or something that tells me that the invulnerability is activated, such as a white borders around the screen instead of the palette swap, or something along those lines.


Does anyone know how I would go about coding this? Or at least knows an addon that I can sideload to prevent this?

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Technically, the palette doesn't change (contrarily to picking up a radsuit for example). What it does is enforce the use of a fixed colormap row for everything (except the sky). In that, the effect is similar to the light amp goggles, except it's not the same row.


What this means is that you can change how the colormap row, but you can't change that it will use the same colormap row for everything. So you will lose lighting variations regardless of how you tweak the colormap.


In ZDoom-based ports, you can redefine the invulnerability powerup completely, so you can do precisely what you want.

Actor LessAnnoyingInvul : InvulnerabilitySphere replaces InvulnerabilitySphere
	PowerUp.Color None

This is enough to remove the colormap change. (Note that the idbeholdv cheat won't be affected, though, only the powerups that are actually placed in the map.) I'm not sure how to do a screen border, though, but I know it's possible.

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Here you go, this replaces the irritating bright white with a far more subtle yellowish color. Unfortunately this only works in non-ZDoom ports such as Choco, Crispy, Vanilla, etc. My friends and I used this for deathmatch all the time a few years back.

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