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Cyberdoom k battle of earh

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Posted (edited)

http://www.mediafire.com/file/nrxipbdb3cqpimn/Cyberdoom_K_batalla_por_la_tierra..wad/file good (days, afternoons, nights) I present my new wad Cyberdoom K, I hope you like it, thank you very much for your attention, have an excellent week, ready for the eternal doom trailer in August. http://www.mediafire.com/file/nrxipbdb3cqpimn/Cyberdoom_K_batalla_por_la_tierra..wad/file


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Okay, I played this wad a bit. 

It apears that this mapset is kind of first mapping efforts. I really wanted to know why I players must download 200mb of data. Half of it takes music, textures and decorate things. Quality? Oh well... Screenshots will talk themselves. Everything feels like it was copy pasted. All 20 maps are almost the same stuff, no improvements made. Idclev helped me a lot.






1. If you want have appeared sky you must use f_sky flat and define it on mapinfo, transfer it or simple name it sky1, sky2 or sky3.
2. Play more stuff and learn what makes levels good and what elements they use to make them good. 

Overall, you did first mapset and your first steps, but now you should learn more and basically do one-two maps and ask for criticism to improve your mapping abilities. 

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I agree with @Myst.Haruko. You tried to do some cool stuff (broken highway in map01 for example) but I think it's better to concentrate on just one or two maps per wad. There were a lot of technical issues (skies, alignment) and the gameplay was very boring (marines vs pinkies x100). The highlights were definitely when you tried to make something creative rather than polygonal rooms filled with one kind of enemy.

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Posted (edited)

Well my penis now a horse rod. Thank you, you ruined me.


Many people might to hate me for what I'll tell but you delivered of jewel among poop. Congratz. EEEEEEEEEEE


Okay, let's be real: that's just bad. Dude, before you do stuff - better to think not twice, but a thousand times about WHAT you wanna do and WHAT EXACTLY to deliver as your piece of mapping experience. No offence tho.

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