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Custom textures suddenly don't show up in gzDoom builder?


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I am using a simple PK3 file with folder textures and a few textures that replace some in stock ones... My custom .bat file works, however when I try to see them in editor, suddenly I can't. An hour ago everything worked fine, and I can't find a toggle or anything.. Strange, and I bet the solution is pretty simple but I can't figure out what am I doing wrong.


EDIT: Well I copied all the maps from IWAD to new WAD and then they show up.. but it did work on original IWAD too...

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It says to place markers in my WAD file.. However, I am working with a .zip file containing JPG/PNG files with the same filenames as OG Doom 2 textures. Walls work fine and refresh just fine in Builder, but the new floors aren't affected. In game everything works as I want it to.

Can I keep using the zip file and get it to display floors?
It did work for short while.. then I added few more textures and it stopped. Tried undoing it but to no success.

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