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Using 3D models is still not very clear


I apologize for posting a lot recently, but I do appreciate the community help here.


I have a MD3 model with textures. The model is animated. After tens of apps I finally found app called Noesis that can open these MD3 files AND display animations.

I want to make a gzDoom compatibible version.

First I would like to experiment with voxels - I have successfully added/replaced sprites with voxels.

How do I do it with MD3 file?


I would like to export each frame of animation into separate MD3 file (or other format). After spending few hours last night trying to come up with solution, I found nothing.

Google points to random posts ranging from 2002 to 2017. Many app names has been mentioned - misfit, milkshape, npherno gl viewer and I probably installed like 7 others just to try to get it to work. But it never did. All apps shows just static model, Noesis displays all frames of animation, it has an option to export, but I can't see a way to export just a single frame.


Any help greatly appreciated!

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Posted (edited)

GZDoom can't read the frame data for models on its own. You have to specify Frame Index entries in MODELDEF for the specified model. For example:


1. I open a model in Blender and give it 10 frames of animation.

2. I create a MODELDEF entry for it, and add Frame Index entries that give my model a sprite lump name. This also specifies what frame to use:


As you can see,  my ceiling fan model CFN1A0 uses frame 1, CFN1B0 uses frame 2, and so on. When I create this actor in DECORATE or ZScript, I just spawn the actor (since it is just a decoration anyway) and loop through the frames.


Also, .md3s can be converted to voxels with Ken Silverman's tool Poly2Vox, but I'm not sure how that works with frame data.


EDIT: If you're going to convert .md3s to voxels, you're going to have to export each frame it seems.

Edited by R4L : FACTS YO

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Thank you. I have successfully converted separate frames to KVX and used these as sprite replacements, but I can't get MD3 animations to work.

Could you post a sample zip file containing everything I need to look at?

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Not really, no. Animating voxels is a lot different than animating .md3s. You might want to ask Ermi about Solace Dreams, and how he animated his voxels.

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