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What system should I buy to get the new Doom ?

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Should I get it for PC or Ps4?

what would be the best system to play it on?
and what is the best new system where i can get other games.

Also Id like to just get the whole Doom collection to play it on the big screen off a console.


Doom 1 is still my fav game. But is it worth getting a new system and Doom 2016?

please be honest

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Posted (edited)

I can't really speak for Doom 2016--I've only played it on the Xbox One and I thought the experience was fine. It's probably easier to control with a mouse and keyboard, and I'm sure a powerful PC can make it prettier than it is one the Xbone. I was content with the console experience.


But for the classic Doom games, while I haven't played the Doom Classic Complete port for PS3, the Xbox 360 ports were very good and very authentic to vanilla Doom, minus some fairly minor oversights like Doom's intermission map, Doom II's Super Shotgun sounds, and that bizarre thing where the music plays back slower. If you just want to give the official maps a run on your TV now and then, they're great for it. (I'd recommend them for a more authentic multiplayer experience, too, but I can never find any games on Xbox Live and I doubt it's any better on PSN.)


The downside of the official ports is that you're only getting IWAD content, the Master Levels, and No Rest for the Living. You won't have the option of playing PWADs or using source port features, and the renderer is still 8-bit software in 4:3, without widescreen support. You can easily connect a PC to any modern TV and get all of this, plus the ability to play even more authentic ports like Chocolate Doom. While some PC source ports' controller input leaves a lot to be desired, Doom Retro, Doom 64 EX, and GZDoom have great controller support out of the box, and Chocolate/Crispy Doom is almost there for that vanilla experience on the big screen.


So even if you decide to pick up the PS4 for Doom 2016 and other games, a PC connected to your TV for classic Doom is a great idea. I've been having a lot of fun with it.

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