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Which Duke Nukem 3D mod is the most up-to-date and complete?

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I have always loved Duke Nukem, however the hype around this game seems to be nearly entirely gone.

I think the right way to revive this game would be to make a decent Doom mod.


There are tons of mods using Duke resources, but which one is the most dedicated to being a total conversion?

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Currently I am using Duke Nukem v6 mod from Moddb, it seems pretty vanilla, but I need someone to take care of the written scripts to adjust them to voxels..


In the screenshots below you can see my texture pack running + voxels (taken from HRP Duke 3D)





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Unfortunately it does not contain enemies as far as I can see, and honestly, I feel like this mod


feels more 'vanilla', yet played on Doom 2 with new textures/voxels feels very refreshing to me. I would like to continue progress on this, but working with text files writing all the scripts has never been a good side of mine.



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