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Woo, another update...

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Hey, just letting everyone know what's going on again...

Finally got around to redoing the sky. It's pretty much like jDoom's now (or mode 2 in the old ZDoomGL, I believe). Looks much nicer :)

I also fixed some performance issues and a few things with particles. Now I just have to fix the remaining texture alignment bugs and the visibility culling (it does weird things when you look up/down)...

http://members.shaw.ca/timstump/images/zdoomgl_29.jpg (new sky in kzdoom7)
http://members.shaw.ca/timstump/images/zdoomgl_30.jpg (fan thingys in kzdoom6)

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And once again you prove you're master of the craft!! Good job so far, keep it up, tim!

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something about that visibility culling just gets me :)

i took 3 screenshots of a weird graphical glitch that i found in map02 of doom2. i wonder if this is what you're talking about. send me an email and let me know which address to send them to.


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