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Best Thy Flesh Consumed themed WADs?

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Hello Doomworld, I've been away for some time. Just here to ask a quick question: What are the best Thy Flesh Consumed themed WADs? (Actually) asking for a friend! Doom 2 WADs welcome and might be preferred but both Doom and Doom 2 suggestions welcome. Thank you in advance!

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One of @Dragonfly's maps in Team Rocket is very E4. (Doom II, Boom-compatible)

There's also @Jimmy's Griefless, which is like a green and black E4. (Ultimate Doom, vanilla)

Ultimate Doom the Way Id Did also has a pre-release ready to play. (Ultimate Doom, vanilla)

I'm working on one, myself, but it might be a little while before it's ready for release.

The others, including both Dragonfly and Jimmy, since I mentioned them both, should be able to give broader answers than I can.

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Double Impact is an ep1 replacement that has a high difficulty, I played it in Freedoom as an ep4 replacement and it definitely didn't disappoint, and also fit as a final episode in terms of gameplay if that's also what you're looking for.


I adhere to reptc's post, that's a good one too. Moonblood should go well too, it's a megawad for Doom II, and shares a lot of the aesthetics from Thy Flesh.

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