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Seeking Heretic gameplay collaborator

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I've been working on a vanilla Heretic episode with some other folks at a near comatose level for the past few years but it is nearly finished and it has shaped up very nicely. Because we are all so inactive I fear it might never get completed.


I'm seeking someone who is highly motivated to put in the last bit of leg of work to carry it into completion. Your job would be to playtest the level set as is and finish any incompmeted aspects of the episode. Structurally the episode is about 90% complete. Gameplay it's closer to 67% complete.


If you are interested please DM me for more information. Thank you!

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If your goal is vanilla Heretic maps or vanilla + limit removing - I could try to help, if there is still a need. In any case, I hope that you can finish this project, it will be a sadly if the vanilla Heretic episode will not reach the release.

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