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PistolShot gamemode (plus example demo)

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Posted (edited)

PistolShot is a new way to speedrun Doom with extra challenges. The main purpose here is to shoot every demon, with just a pistol, and not missing a single bullet. Yes, you heard it right; one miss, and game over! And there is more: if you shoot with ANTHING but the pistol, even if it's the fist, berserk or chainsaw, is game over, so try not to lose all your clips. You must have a 100% kill counter (Any% secrets & items, though). TAS is allowed.


I have attached a sample PistolShot speedrun (Doom demo and Hourglass demo) to demonstrate what I mean; a Doom II ITYTD MAP01 playthrough, but I killed every enemy, and did not miss a single shot.





I did not bother grabbing the shotgun, either - prohibited weapons won't be of use throughout the whole game, so why bother getting them?


Worry with clips, but don't overworry to the point you lose frames trying not to be disqualified. They say it's better to be safe than to be sorry, but if you accidentally fire a fist, you can always reopen the game and try again; this time not forgetting to collect the least frame-wasting clip (such as a zombieman drop)!


Good luck.


How to Name your Demos:

  • All demos should begin with PS_.
  • The next affix should be D?, where ? is one of the following numbers:
0 = Ultimate Doom
1 = Doom
2 = Doom 2
3 = Heretic
4 = Hexen
5 = Strife
6 = Chex Quest 1
7 = Chex Quest 3
8 = Hacx
9 = Other (please specify in a README.TXT file)
  • The next affix is a single digit between 1 and 5, that represents difficulty, where 1 is I'm Too Young To Die, 2 is HNTR, and so on, until 5 which is NM.
  • The final affix should be two digits. For episodic games (e.g. Ultimate Doom, Doom 1, Heretic, Chex Quest series, Hacx(?)), the first digit is the episode number, and the 2nd is the level number. So E2M7 becomes 27. For non-episodic games (e.g. Doom II, Hexen), it should be the number after "MAP", so MAP27 becomes 27.


For example, a PistolShot on Ultra-Violence in the Ultimate Doom, at E4M2, would be PS_D0442.


A note about the Hourglass demo

The Hourglass demo (.wtf) was recorded using PRBoom+. It WILL desync, unless you use the following command-line parameters:

-record ? -skill 1

where ? is any allowed demo file name. And even then, the chances of desyncing are high, unless ? is equal to "FPS_D201X", which is not what we want, is it? So, avoid using the .wtf demo. It's there just for completeness.

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Posted (edited)

I don't need every skill or every map to be beatable. Just as many as possible; that's the challenge! :)


You might be able to use some glitching to accumulate vertical speed, in order to enter through the opening in the IoS skull. But maybe not, since this kind of trick is not usually present in 2.5D games like Doom - although they're aplenty in Super Mario 64!

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17 hours ago, DynamiteKaitorn said:

Good Luck beating MAP 30 of DooM 2 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 

That's doable.... but try beating Doom2 Map18.

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