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ImagoLux - Automatic colored texture generator!

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Posted (edited)

An alternative to colored sectors: colored textures! This is a Python program, that generates 10³ (1000) textures (each texture has its own patch), and 1000 flats, for a total of 2000 textures PER INPUT IMAGE - each has its own color, somewhat predictable by the RGB suffix! And added to all that, given the right options, it can export colorful animations! The example d2col1.wad has 40,9 megabytes!



Metal Trim (MTRIMrgb):


(red because palette limitations, I believe? because RGB358 shouldn't be red... oh, well)


Portal Cat (PTCATrgb):






(there are colorfuller states of animation... but I took the screenshot at right the wrong time!)


It's a small .py file, that can do BIG wonders! Who wanna?


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Posted (edited)

Wow, 2000 ugly blotches


EDIT: Frankly, the examples shown in your screenshots look terrible. Is the program capable of generating anything good-looking?

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Quite frankly, I am also not really sure what the purpose of this is. Is this program supposed to give existing textures kind of a color tint? Because on the screenshots I can barely make out the original texture. While I think the idea in general is pretty good (being able to easily shift colors of textures, i.e. animated textures like lava, etc.) I am not really sure this is it. But maybe I am just misunderstanding something.

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