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MDF ProgDuel Pickup Tournament NA - August 4th

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Posted (edited)

Welcome to the first MDF North-American Progressive Duel tournament of this series, which will be an one-day event taking place this Saturday, on the 4th! More details below.


Source port: Zandronum 3.0

Server: [TSPG] Painkiller (Quebec, Canada)

WADs: progduel2.pk3 zandrospree2rc2.pk3 ctfcap2d.pk3

Time and date: Saturday, August 4th @ 6:00 PM EDT



Tournament format: Single-elimination, best-of-3

Map list: Take Two (MAP01), Fade (MAP02), Heavy Silence (MAP04), White Noise pt. II (MAP06), Unoccupied Territory (MAP14)

Fraglimit: 20

Timelimit: 10

Map selection: Coinflip assigns player 1 and player 2; player 1 bans a map; player 2 bans a map; player 1 picks the first map; player 2 picks the second map; the remaining map is set as the tie-breaker

Point distribution: See here


Sign up by entering the MDF Discord server and posting your sign-up information in the #august-4th-signups channel under the Progduel Pickup Tournaments category! Friendly reminder that signing up alone does not guarantee your entry in the event, as you must be available by the start of the tournament to enter the bracket.

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Very late update, but in case you haven't checked the Discord announcement, the tournament's start time has been changed to 6:00 PM EDT. Do plan accordingly!

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Posted (edited)

For those potentially interested in watching or joining the tournament, here is a practice session stream of the maps to be played


The servers hosted by TSPG will only have a "join password" instead of a connect password - so spectators can connect to the server and easily watch the games in progress without needing the password to actually join the game.


That being said, the tournament starts in just under 5 hours from now, I encourage new players to come and try their hand at this.

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Thanks for playing, everyone! Some organizational things went laughably bad, but it gave us valuable feedback and motivation to make everything smoother next time. Also more enjoyable for people who are seemingly doomed to quit instantly against a much stronger opponent. Keep faith, I lost 20-1 to Ivan too!

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