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dimensions, realms, maps u would love to see..also night sentinels

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I doubr eternal Doom will take place only on earth...thou its defenetly part of it.


Reading thru the codex...   ...again...

Just woundering what places u would like to see?


Codex mentions glassy shores of the  lake of fire, blood pools of Angrax, Umbral plains, Great Steppe these are all thrown in codex maybe just to give more volumen to the story but I would not be surprised if these places will be created or at least something that looks like the way they sound.If it is hell on earth i belive the  Call of Ages concept works and icon of sin actually does gets awakened.


Maybe realm back in time when Night sentinels realm was not yet eaten by the hell realm something that looks like multiplayer map Empyrian.


What roll do u think night sentinels will have in Doom Eternal?Or should they  be forgoten all together since u didnt like them in the Doom 2016 >)


Please share yout thoughts.

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I think Darksiders had a kinda good idea about how Hell on Hearth should look. It would be amusing to have some levels based on real world buildings properly distorted, like a haunted notre dame, the Coliseum, etc. 

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