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AV site now tracking records

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Hi speedfreaks, just a little notification that we're now featuring a Max/Speed hall of fame on the website. This was done primarily due to recent inspirational runs by Ancalagon, Zero-Master, and SAV88. I'm rather an outsider to the speedrunning scene so feedback will definitely be considered, and a mess of so much data means there are probably some errors, so drop a line if you find something. Finally, if anyone knows of any videos on the World Wide Web of these runs, that would be great to feature as well!

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Posted (edited)

nice idea Vorpal

most of the demos for AV can be found on the Doomed Speed Demos Archive on YouTube channel that Zero-Master maintains.

here is the AV playlists:

uv max:

uv speed


uv -fast



nm speed


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That will be another weekend-long project to get tabulated. Thanks a lot rehelekretep, Ruiner Of Weekends.

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