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Name your Price (Free) Music

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There are 7 albums and a soundtrack sampler available at whatever

price you want if any. I just like to see stats go up from zero from time

to time lol. I am also working simultaneously on 3 more CDs, one

being  outtakes of six 8-bit Armageddon albums.


If you like guitar, I have some old stuff called the noise diaries on

the same link ; )


- http://lehr.me

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Posted (edited)

And this one has a ton of DOOM references in "Robot Jelly"


such as "linedefs without sidedefs won't play, sectors too many, 1993"

and "Doom seven sin wad whizzing level 32"


And more randomness ensues on the 2009 in the same channel if you want more. I don't want to kill this thread with 80 ads for free music


Edited by dybbuk

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