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Download here: https://www.mediafire.com/file/c58tzkxh73mrcew/exomoon-dc.zip/file

Mp3 pack*: https://www.mediafire.com/file/c874jm3xh9qik29/exomoon-mp3.zip/file   *If you don't enjoy the original Windows soundfont for MIDI's or play with higher quality sound or you just want a higher quality music, I'd definetly recommend downloading this too. Remember to load it into your sourceport (which should support mp3) after loading "exomoon.wad" to listen to the mp3 in-game. I don't think the mp3 version is better than the MIDI, just different, since I've put a lot of effort in making both sound good.   Older releases:     Exomoon (aka Moonblood X) is a megawad for Doom 2. The levels are a somewhat mix of the original Moonblood with some early BTSX levels twist on them, focusing in a mix of the ruins/temple theme with some exotic natural landscapes. Scythe and Mano Laikas also have a strong influence on this. It has been tested on zdoom 2.8 and prboom The mapset is on Stable Release status, which means it's the final version ready to go for /idgames. A new version will now only be released if any serious bug gets found. Par times still remains to be implemented, though!   The statusbar was created by galileo31dos01. The new skies are all from Mechadon's pack (which can be downloaded there):   Special thanks to rehelekretep, FrancisT18, bioshockfan90, NuclearPotato for testing the early version of the wad and giving me feedback and tips!   -----------------
The wad features:
-----------------   -> 24 new levels (2 with no-gameplay + 2 bonus + 20 standard ones)
-> Fairly large maps, each one might take 15~25 minutes to finish. For the whole wad, I think it should take 8 to 15 hours to finish.
-> Custom soundtrack, made for this mapset, with the exception of map 32, which uses an unreal track, and some which are from Moonblood.
-> Classic doom gameplay with MBF (-complevel 11) compatibility.
-> Several monster attributes changes, where most of them are easy to identify by the sprite replacements.
-> Because of that, mod support that changes monster behavior is probably very limited. I might release a version without the things replacements to fix that, though!
-> No Jumping/Crouching.   ---------------------- Its main design focus:

-> Simple and clean visuals: The level of detailing is minimum, restricted to trees and wall panels. You might find it even more basic than IWADS.

-> Low monster count: Each level has usually around 200 monsters. Some might classify the later fights as slaughter, especially the ones that complained about Moonblood going slaughter in the later levels, but, IMO, it's not even close lol

-> Non-linearity: Not as much as Moonblood though, due to larger maps, and some levels are actually linear.

-> In a difficult scale of 0 to 5, I would rate Exomoon as 2.7 (Plutonia would be 2.5 and Valiant 3). Relating to Moonblood, I'd say that the exomoon's map 1 is as hard as Moonblood's map 16. It definetly gets harder towards to end, though!

-> There's little difference between the skills levels (like 15 monsters for each difficult), so don't be afraid to select an easier difficult. I had a blast playtesting this on HNTR, since it felt more relaxing but still a challenging experience! Playing on a lower difficult won't give an inferior experience at all.

-> Strict to safe ammo management. Hopefully you won't feel overstuffed if you play the whole thing continuous.

-> Gameplay focused on chaingun (for the low tier folks), rocket launcher (a lot) and BFG (for the hardest setpieces).

-> Not-so obvious progression with some light plataforming, although I worked hard to make keypoints easy to find, so you know always where you need to go.

-> This plays very differently from Moonblood, but it's not necessarily better. Some people might find the former better, although I don't think that people who hated Moonblood will enjoy this at all lol   ------

- All songs by myself, except map 32 (which is an unreal track).
- Levels 31, 9, 12, 18, 21 are remasters from the original Moonblood wad.
- You can download the sountrack here: https://www.doomworld.com/forum/topic/100917-exomoon-sountrack-midi-pack-listen-online/     ---------
"Humanity has been finally able to reach
a new planetary system through the tele-
portation device!

However, recent reports show that many
Union Aerospace members have been
missing in the successive missions
to the foreign lands! Even now, it is
still unknown what lies on the other
side of the teleports...

As an emergency measure, the
authorities activated red alert for
further investigations, sending the
marines for the deadly expedition!"   -----------
Level list:
-----------     -----
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