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Kriegsmesser: A Wolfenstein themed DM map

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Posted (edited)

So usually I make small crappy wads that aren't really worth uploading, but I was messing around with this map for a few weeks and decided that I should upload it
I made it with the Doom II wad, with Deathmatch and CTF in mind. No singleplayer support, unless you like running around empty maps.
It's also just one map, so don't expect much. 
Since it's multiplayer I tested it with Zandronum 3.0, it should work for other programs.
It's a pretty vanilla WAD honestly, besides the assets that I stole borrowed from Realm667

You can download it by clicking this link


This map is not made to offend anyone, despite the nazi imagery. I don't think I have to say this, but just to be safe...









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